Eye-gaze communication “best decision ever” for Illinois teen

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By Patti Murphy                 Kylie Bryant (“Kye” to her friends) would probably shout from a mountaintop how she loves her new voice. Just a year ago, she had no idea she would feel that kind of enthusiasm for an augmentative and alternative communication device she worked simply by… Read more

Making Your Classroom Autism-Friendly

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Students with autism can benefit from an educational environment that is set up to assist them with the types of challenges they face. There are a few minor changes you can implement to make your classroom an optimum learning environment for a student with autism. Some of these changes consist of furniture arrangement and lighting,… Read more

Countdown to Camp

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Let the countdown begin! Many young folks we know will be off to camp before we know it. They’ll learn, have fun and spend quality time with others who, like them, benefit from AAC, speech, language and/or literacy interventions. Here are descriptions of camps taking place during 2015 to help families with the planning.  … Read more

Music Education ROCKS!

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March is Music in Our School Month!                 Did you know that music has many positive effects on students? Here are just a few– Music boosts brain power – It stimulates parts of the brain that are related to reading, math, and emotional development. It improves memory –… Read more

Living Well, Speaking Up and Lovin’ Every Day

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By Patti Murphy From what Tonia Green tells us, life is treating her quite well.               “I like me,” said Tonia, 46, who lives in the Bronx and seems to be up for whatever each day presents—the fun, the serious and everything in between. She likes being out and… Read more

How Cool Are These Gift Ideas?

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By Patti Murphy Gift-giving practices say a lot about the givers and the recipients. Often equally telling are the stories of those who create the gifts, like the inspiring artists and authors you will meet in this blog post. While their work is important in the augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and disability communities, it… Read more

Need Good AAC Answers? Ask the User!

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The best augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) solution varies from person to person.               Ryan Carter knows that firsthand. Through his role with the Tobii Assistive Technology Ask the User project, he helps others find good AAC solutions. Since the project’s inception in January, he has responded faithfully to… Read more

Boardmaker Online: A New Era of Timeless Excellence

By: on August 12, 2014 | 2 Comments

By Patti Murphy Meet the board makers of yesterday, today and tomorrow.                     Parents who created picture communication books that their children used for self-expression.  The ongoing process involved photocopying multiple pages of Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) to keep the book, or binder, current with the… Read more

“Stay strong, and focus on the game.”

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          Stephen Murray is a Professional BMX Rider. In June 2007, when Stephen was 27, he broke his neck while attempting his signature double backflip and sustained from a severe spinal cord injury (SCI). Stephen was left completely paralyzed from the neck down. He says, “BMX was a massive way of… Read more

“One Single Voice”, Many Things to Tell

By: on July 14, 2014 | 1 Comment

By Patti Murphy   Our longtime friend Sara Pyszka told me she had major opening night butterflies during our conversation before the premiere of “One Single Voice” last week. The one-act, two-woman autobiographical musical she wrote with Grammy-winning composer Lucas Richman had its theatrical debut on July 9th at The Woodlands Foundation in Wexford, PA… Read more

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